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Funding Shortfalls of WFP Hunger Programs in 2006


(As at November 1, 2006)

Source: World Food Programme

These data compare funding shortfalls of the WFP's emergency, protracted relief and recovery, development and special operations. The data include only the hunger crises for which the WFP appealed for funding.

The figures in US$ represent the value of food quantities.




*Planned Beneficiaries: The estimated number of people to be helped by the WFP operation. For any two WFP operations covering the same group of beneficiaries, the total beneficiary number is counted only once, only the larger case load is included in the computation.

**Beneficiary Needs indicate the total amount of food planned to be distributed to beneficaries in 2006 if operations were fully respurced. These figures may be revised throughout the year in function of budget revisions or approval of new projects.

***Resources to Raise indicates the planned level of WFP distribution in calendar year 2006 based on most recent assessment, minus carry-over resources from previous periods. These figures may be revised throughout the year in function of budget revision.

****Shortfall as at November 1, 2006 indicate the portion of the Resources to Raise in 2006 which remains unfunded.

(1) The WFP's Development projects aim to temporarily free the poor of the need to provide food for their families, by giving them time and resources to invest in lasting assets such as better houses, clinics and schools, new agricultural skills and technology.

(2) The WFP's Special Operations aim to guarantee a speedy and efficient delivery of food aid. Typically they include logistic and infrastructure work.

(3) The WFP's Emergency Operations cover sudden natural disasters, slow-onset disasters (droughts and crop failures) and complex emergencies (conflict, widespread social and economic disruption and large population displacements)

(4) The WFP's Protracted Relief and Recovery Operations (PRROs) constitute the next stage of assistance after the emergency operations expire. The PRROs can consist of providing nutritious meals at schools, food aid for refugees, returning refugees and internally displaced people, and food for people while they rebuild damaged infrastructure and replant crops.


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