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Funding Shortfalls of Hunger Crises in 2007


The 10 Largest Hunger Crises

(As at October 15, 2007)

Source: World Food Programme

These data show funding shortfalls of the WFP's relief projects with the largest number of people to be helped by the WFP operation.

The data include only the hunger crises for which the WFP appealed for funding. The crises include both the WFP's Protracted Relief and Recovery Operations (PRROs) and Emergency Operations. WFP Emergency Operations and PRROs begin throughout the year and usually last between 3 months and 2 years. The data below show how much relief is needed only in 2007.

The figures in US$ represent the value of food quantities.



*Planned Beneficiaries: The estimated number of people to be helped by the WFP operation. For any two WFP operations covering the same group of beneficiaries, the total beneficiary number is counted only once, only the larger case load is included in the computation.

**Resources to Raise indicates the planned level of WFP distribution in calendar year 2007. These figures may be revised throughout the year in function of budget revision.

***Shortfall as at October 15, 2007 indicate the portion of the Resources to Raise in 2007 which remains unfunded.

Indonesia (1) Assistance to Recovery and Nutritional Rehabilitation (Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation)
Pakistan (2) Post Earthquake Relief and Recovery Operation in Pakistan (Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation)
Afghanistan (3) Post-Conflict Relief and Rehabilitation (Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation)
Korea DPR (4) Recovery Assistance for Vulnerable Groups (Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation)
Sudan (5) Food Assistance to Population Affected by Conflict (Emergency Operation)
Iraq (6) Assistance to Primary School Children and Vulnerable Groups (Emergency Operation)
Kenya (7) Food Assistance to Drought-Affected People in Kenya (Emergency Operation)
Uganda (8) Targeted Food Assistance for Relief and Recovery Refugees, Displaced People and Vulnerable Groups (Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation)
Ethiopia (9) Enabling Livelihood Protection and Promotion (Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation)
Southern Africa Regional (10) Assistance to Populations in Southern Africa Vulnerable to Food Insecurity and the Impact of AIDS (Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation)


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