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US vs. Total Debt to the UN: 2001


Graph of US vs. Total Debt to the UN
Tables 1996 onwards


The following table illustrates the contributions owed to the UN by all member states. Debts to the UN are shown on a per month basis for 2001. The table further illustrates the contributions owed by the US and compares the US debt to the rest of the member states as a percentage.

Table notes:
  1. Sums in $US millions, rounded to the nearest million
  2. Total Arrears includes International Tribunals


Source: UN Documents

* In January, 2001, as part of a deal struck with the US, the General Assembly capped the scale of assessments of the regular budget for any one member state at 22%. This substantially decreased the US scale of assessments, but of course increased the burden of payment on other member states. As part of a plan of easing the transitition to the new scale, the US agreed to pay in 2001 an amount equal to 3% of the amount assessed on member states pursuant to General Assembly resolution 55/239. That amount would be credited against the assessed contributions of certain other member states. This additional payment is reflected in the increase in the amount due by the US to the regular budget in June.

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