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US Territorial Acquisition:

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January 2006

Table of US Territorial Acquisitions with Territory beyond the Continent

1803: Louisiana Purchase

Purchased from France for $15 million, the equivalent of $193 million in 2005.
The Purchase comprises 23.3 percent of the current territory of the US.

1818: Red River Valley

Previously under British control, this land acquisition came with the declaration of
the Anglo-American Convention of 1818 which established the official US-Canada border.
The land was secured at no cost.
It comprises 1.3 percent of total US territory.

1819: Florida Purchase

Also known as the Adams-Onis Treaty.
Spain ceded all of East Florida to the US and gave up its claims to West Florida. Spain also ceded territories to the southwest of the Louisiana Purchase including a portion of the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.
The US assumed $5 million in claims by US citizens against Spain, so no money actually changed hands.

1845: Texas Annexation

The Republic of Texas, having broken away from Mexico, was annexed by the United States. This brought 389,000 square miles of former Mexican territory into the US - a very large acquisition.

1846: Oregon Treaty

The Oregon Treaty established the boundary between Canada and the United States at the 49th parallel and
ceded the Oregon Territory to the US from Britain.
The land includes the present-day states of Oregon, Washington, Idaho and portions of Montana and Wyoming and totals 286,000 square miles.

1848: Mexican Cession

Ceded to the US by Mexico following the Mexican-American War.
It includes all of the present-day states of California, Nevada, and Utah, as well as the portions of Arizona,
Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming.
Mexico lost about half of its national territory.

1853: Gadsden Purchase

Purchased (with pressure) from Mexico for $10 million, the equivalent of $343,826,098 in 2005.
It gave the US possession of the Mesilla Valley south of the Gila River.
The land is within the US state of Arizona and New Mexico.

April 9, 1867: Alaska Purchase

Purchased from Russia by the United States for US$7,200,000, equivalent to about US$90 million dollars in 2005.
It is now the US state of Alaska.

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