Seminar to Discuss Iraq Trade

Global News Wire/Gulf News
May 10, 2001

Iraq will give preference to Mideast firms when sanctions are ultimately lifted. A one-day seminar on May 21 will discuss business opportunities in Iraq in the framework of the embargo and post-embargo prospects, said Simon Lewis, a consultant to organisers Global Resources.

Lewis said: "The embargo is relaxed. We feel it may be lifted and when it is done it will be fast. "Businesses must be aware of that and be prepared for the minute it is announced. The fastest movers will reap the benefits.

"As the embargo is gradually relaxing, Iraq is again emerging as an important market for UAE businessmen." The seminar will deal with what is still possible to export to Iraq such as food, health products, medical items, educational and other development products.

"Oilfield spare parts were recently allowed. Speakers will acquaint attendees with the list of items allowed into Iraq under UN humanitarian guidelines," Lewis said.

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