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Iraq Disagrees with Current Conditioned Efforts

Arabic News
November 18, 1999

An Iraqi official stressed on Wednesday that Baghdad is committed to its stand rejecting any decisions released by the UN Security Council that do not lead to lifting the sanctions imposed on Iraq for more than nine years.

The chairman of the Arab and foreign relations committee at the Iraqi National Council (parliament), Khaled Shehab al-Douri, said that any "resolution or draft resolution which is not conducive to lifting the siege cannot be dealt with or accepted."

Al-Douri's assertions were made in comments on information which said that the UN is close to adopting a British proposal aimed at organizing the relations between Iraq and the UN Security Council. That British proposal avails the UN inspectors in charge of investigating the disarmament of the Iraqi mass destruction weapons while suspending the economic embargo.

Al-Douri stressed the importance of abiding by UN resolution 687. He added that what is needed is the "implementation of UN resolution 687, which we have accepted and implemented all of its items." Iraq by saying this is repeating its view that Iraq has met its obligations under the UN resolutions.

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