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Indian Diamond Importers Spurn

Agence France Presse
June 26, 2000

Indian diamond importers said Monday they would not buy stones originating in conflict-ridden African countries.

"All exporters of rough diamonds to India will have to declare from July 7 (the stones) ... do not originate from the conflict areas of Sierra Leone, Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo," said Sanjay Kothari, chairman of the state-sponsored Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council.

"It is perturbing and a matter of deep concern that illicit diamonds used for funding activities of rival terrorist groups ... are making their way into the international diamond trade," Kothari said.

India is the world's largest importer of small-sized rough diamonds, which are cut, polished and exported around the world. "The import of rough diamonds into India is sourced through traditional international centres. There are no imports of rough diamonds from any mining centres directly into India," Kothari said.

Kothari said domestic banks should not finance any exporter found to be dealing with "conflict diamonds". "If any member of the Gem and Jewellery Promotion Council is found dealing in conflict diamonds he will be debarred from membership," he said.

"The Indian diamond trade is committed that diamonds which are the symbol of eternal love, purity and beauty should not be tarnished by the entry of conflict diamonds and sullied with the atrocities of war." India accounts for 55 percent share by value and 80 percent share by caratage of the global diamond trade.

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