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G8 Miyazaki Initiatives for Conflict Prevention

Group of 8
July 2000

3.Illicit Trade in Diamonds

The G8 is concerned that the proceeds from the illicit trade in certain high value commodities, especially diamonds, are providing funds for arms purchases, thus aggravating conflicts and humanitarian crises in Africa (particularly Angola, DRC and Sierra Leone).

Whilst insisting that the interests of the legitimate diamond producers and traders are not put at risk, the G8 will take the following steps to counter the illicit trade in diamonds, particularly those coming from conflict zones in Africa.

The G8, which accounts for the bulk of the global market for diamonds,

  • will co-operate closely with governments of diamond-producing states, neighboring states, major marketing centers, regional organizations and industry in order to curb illicit diamond flows.

  • calls on producers and buyers to work in close co-ordination on the elaboration of specific measures to trace and block the illicit trade in diamonds in Africa on an urgent basis, as a first step.

  • supports the efforts of African states in strengthening regional law enforcement and
  • internal capacity building for curbing the illicit trade in diamonds and welcomes their respective initiative in this regard.

  • emphasizes that the UN Sanctions Committee on Angola is central to efforts to strengthen sanctions enforcement against UNITA and the need to fully implement UN Security Council resolutions 1173 and 1295.

  • welcomes the initiatives within the UN framework to assess the impact of the illegal exploitation of natural resources, including diamonds, on the conflict in Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • calls for the urgent cooperation of interested parties including the diamond industry with the government of Sierra Leone on the proper control over trade in diamonds produced in Sierra Leone.

  • welcomes 'Technical Forum on Diamonds' held at Kimberly, South Africa, as an important contribution to finding pragmatic solutions. The G8 supports rapid follow-up, involving all the key actors, which should include the exploring of a possible certification scheme for rough diamonds from conflict areas, industry codes of conduct and an international body to promote transparency and accountability.

  • will consider appropriate action to keep diamonds from illicit transactions out of the G8 markets.
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