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This page links to selected bibliographies of some topics that GPF covers. The listings are by no means exhaustive, and are intended to give a general idea of the materials available on the topics. GPF has colected bibliographies on the following topics; the UN, the Security Council, Peacekeeping, Sanctions, Global Taxes, Globalization, Empire?, Nations and States, UN Finance and UN reform.

Bibliography on the United Nations


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Revised and published annually; available from the Ministry and New Zealand Missions, Embassies and High Commissions worldwide.

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Bibliography on the Security Council

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Bibliography on Peacekeeping

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Bimonthly journal published in cooperation with the Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies.

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United Nations Department of Public Information
Teaching about peace-keeping and peacemaking
(Documentation accompanies a video (sold separately) about peace-keeping operations)
New York: United Nations, 1993

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New York Review of Books, June 10, 1993

Brian Urquhart
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New York Review of Books, May 12, 1994

Thomas J. Watson Jr. Institute for International Studies
Peace Operations Resource Site
A great new site with several resource tools, including a bibliographic database, sample syllabi, relevant journals and related web sites.

Agostinho Zacarias
The United Nations and international peacekeeping
London; New York: I.B. Tauris; distributed in the U.S.A. and Canada by St. Martin's, 1996

Bibliography on Sanctions

Mahvash Alerassool

Freezing Assets: The USA and the Most Effective Economic Sanction
New York: St. Martins Press, 1993

Amorim Group Report
Informal Open Ended Working Group on an Agenda for Peace - Subgroup on the Question of United Nations Imposed Sanctions (Chaired by Amb. Celso Amorim of Brazil)
United Nations General Assembly
Provisional Text dated 10 July 1996

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Working Paper Series
Final Report of the Meeting on the Viability of International Economic Sanctions
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Center for Economic and Social Rights
UN Sanctioned Suffering in Iraq
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"Sanctions infrastructure and Activities of the United Nations: a critical assessment"
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Secretary General of the United Nations
Report on Economic Assistance to States Affected by the Implementation of the Security Council Resolutions Imposing Sanctions Against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
New York: United Nations, 13 September 1996 (A/51/356)

Security Council
Non-Paper on Humanitarian Aspects of Sanctions
S/1995/300 (April 1995)

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[The Gilbert Murray Lecture at Oxfam, Oxford UK, June 1996]

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Bibliography on Global Taxes

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Environmental Taxes/Subsidies (including carbon taxes)

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Selected UN Documents

10 June 1996 - "New and Innovative Ideas for Generating Funds" (E/1996/CRP.1)(16 pages)
ECOSOC paper summarizing major proposals and giving documentary references.

April 1996 - report of debate at the Commission on Sustainable Development.

6 March 1996 - "Financial Resources and Mechanisms" (E/CN.17/1996/28)(17 pages)
Chairman's Summary of the Third Expert Group Meeting on Financial Issues of Agenda 21, held in Manilla, Philippines, 6-8 February 1996 - to be considered at the Commission on Sustainable Development (item 4).

24 February 1995 - "Financial Resources and Mechanisms" (E/CN.17/1995/29)(pages)
Chairman's Summary of the Second Expert Group Meeting on Financial Issues of Agenda 21, held in Glen Cove, USA, 15-17 February 1995.

See also the following reports of the Secretary General that are relevant to the issue: A/50/1, A/50/666, A/47/277-S/24111, A/48/935, and A/49/665.

Bibliography on Globalization

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Bibliography on Empire?

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