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UN, Cambodia Fail to Resolve Strife (January 14, 2003)
The UN and Cambodia failed to reach an agreement over the creation of special courts to try former Khmer Rouge leaders. Human rights activists accuse the current government of Cambodia, many of whom are former Khmer Rouge personnel, of stalling the process. (Times of India)

UN Resumes Talks on Cambodian Tribunal (January 7, 2003)
The UN and the Cambodian government have recommenced talks on creating a tribunal for former Khmer Rouge leaders accused of genocide and crimes against humanity. The UN suspended the five-year-old tribunal talks with Cambodia nearly a year ago. (Associated Press)


A Blind Eye to Justice in Cambodia (March 27, 2002)
The United Nations has abandoned negotiations with the Cambodian government over establishing a tribunal to prosecute leaders of the Khmer Rouge. The UN said that "it would be too difficult to guarantee observance of international standards of justice". This adds another chapter of shame to UN dealings with Cambodian injustices. (Washington Post)

Holding Individual Leaders Responsible for Violations of Customary International Law: The US Bombardment of Cambodia and Laos (March 26, 2002)
The development of international law has reached a point at which governmental non-accountability and impunity are increasingly questioned. This report questions the legal justification of the US aerial bombing of Cambodia and the accountability of US leaders. (Columbia Human Rights Law Review)

Still Smiling After All Those Deaths (March 18, 2002)
Despite increasing support for an international criminal justice system, the decision of the UN to withdraw from the establishment of a war-crimes tribunal for Cambodia leaves the family of the victims with a bitter taste. (New Statesman)


Cambodia: Bringing the Khmer Rouge to Justice (October 5, 2001)
Cambodia refuses the creation of an international ad hoc tribunal, leaving only an advisory role for the UN in the trial of the Khmer Rouge (Foreign Wire)

UN Warns Cambodia on War Crimes Tribunal (February 3, 2001)
The UN accuses the Cambodian National Assembly of modifying the initial agreement creating an independent war crimes tribunal, by removing the provision ensuring that "an amnesty granted to any person falling within the jurisdiction of the [court] shall not be a bar to prosecution." (Washington Post)

Senate Passes Khmer Rouge Tribunal Law (January 15, 2001)
Cambodia's Senate approved the UN-sponsored draft law creating the tribunal that will bring the leaders of the Khmer Rouge to justice. Since some of these leaders are still in power, the effectiveness of the tribunal will depend on the commitment of the government. (Associated Press)


Cambodia Assembly Closer to Approving War Crimes Court (December 29, 2000)
After months of deliberations, Cambodia's National Assembly has passed part of a bill that would establish a war crimes tribunal for Khmer Rouge leaders. Even so, it may be years before the court begins its work. (Japan Economic Newswire)

Khmer Rouge Trials 'On Back Burner' (August 10, 2000)
Discussing technical details has led to a delay of debate on the trials in the Cambodian Assembly. The UN has threatened to pull out of the deal if Cambodia delays too long. There are doubts if Prime Minister Sen wants UN involvement, as top leaders of the Khmer Rouge have defected to the Government in recent years.(South China Morning Post)

Cambodian Ruling Party's Squabbles Said to Delay Genocide Tribunal (April 25, 2000)
Disagreements within the Cambodian People's Party over a US-sponsored proposal to resolve the conflict about how indictments would be issued may delay the UN-backed trials of former Khmer Rouge leaders. (Associated Press)

Cambodia Will Set Up Court to Try Khmer Rouge Leaders (April 18, 2000)
An agreement may be close at hand in establishing a tribunal to prosecute former Khmer Rouge leaders. The US-suggested compromise seems to address the difficult issue of whether the UN or Cambodia would control the proceedings. (Associated Press)

Cambodia Land Mine Removal Agency Says It's Closing Down (February 23, 2000)
After a scandal, countries have stopped giving money for mine clearance; if a Japanese initiative fails, desperately needed clearance work in Cambodia will be suspended indefinitely. (Associated Press)
Shadow-Play Justice : UN Eyes Human Rights Probes in Cambodia (February 15, 2000)
An editorial from the Christian Science Monitor discusses the significance of Kofi Annan's visit to Cambodia where the UN is demanding a deciding role for foreigners on a tribunal set to judge the leading remnants of the Khmer Rouge.

UN Rejects Latest Tribunal Proposal (February 8, 2000)
Selected paragraphs on how the United Nations has dismissed a Cambodian proposed genocide tribunal because of the powers it would have assigned to domestic judiciaries, Hun Sen's appeal to look at other matters too, and the launch of an independent magazine. (UN Wire)

Cambodia to Begin Cutting Armed Forces' Strength (February 4, 2000)
After the post-Khmer Rouge power struggles, it seems peace has finally returned to Cambodia. Now the government may demobilize and concentrate on other matters. (Reuters)


UN Plans Joint War Crimes Tribunal for Khmer Rouge (August 12, 1999)
A New York Times article on UN plans for a joint war crimes tribunal in Cambodia to try former political and military leaders of the Khmer Rouge.

More Time Sought to Build Case Against Khmer Rouge Leaders (July 27, 1999)
Lawmakers from Prime Minister Hun Sen's ruling party want to amend Cambodian law to give prosecutors more time to gather evidence against Khmer Rouge leaders. (Boston Globe)

UN Presses for Int'l Tribunal as Khmer Rouge Executioner Detained (May 10, 1999)
UN rights envoy Thomas Hammarberg called for the safety of Kang Kek Leu, Pol Pot's chief of security, who has said he will testity against other surviving leaders of the 1975-1979 regime.

Khmer Rouge Leader Picks Lawyer (April 6, 1999)
Former leader of the Khmer Rouge, Ta Mok, has picked a Cambodian-American attorney who practices in Washington as his counsel.

UN and Cambodia Edge to Deal Over Khmer Rouge Trial: Official (March 23, 1999)

U.N. Envoy To Meet Cambodian PM On K.Rouge Trial (March 19, 1999)
U.N. Secretary-General's human rights envoy in Cambodia, said he would propose a trial be held in Cambodia but be run by an international tribunal.


The Friends of Pol Pot (May 11, 1998)
An article by John Pilger from The Nation examining the relationship between the Khmer Rouge and the UN.

U.S. Wants to Try Khmer Rouge Leaders (April 18, 1998)
An article by Steven Erlanger from the New York Times detailing U.S. attempts to bring those responsible for the Cambodian genocide to trial. Includes a discussion of some of the implications for the development of international criminal law.

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