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UN Slams Door On 130 Liberian Officials


By Georgia Smyrna

June 7, 2001

Adding flesh to the sanctions regime imposed on Liberia about a month ago, the UN Security Council (on Monday) issued a list comprised of 130 persons who will be directly affected by the travel ban imposed on Liberia. The list which could almost pass for a "Who's Who" in the Liberia saga that has aided and abetted in the instability of West African sub-region, comprises of an array of civilian ministers & their spouses, military personnel & their spouses, President Taylor & members of his family, the president's "inner circle" & dubious businessmen, core advisors, among others.

The list includes: Brig. Gen. ABU, Cyril Allen, Ibrahim Bah (Balde), Dawn Barnes, Nathaniel Barnes, Akkram Basma, Hassan Basma, Jamal Basma, Moses Blah, Sam Bockarie, Viktor Bout, Hezekiah Bowen, Edith Bowen_Carr, Charles R. Bright, Lewis G. Brown, II, Philipbert Browne, Samuel N. Burnette, Ade Jones-Captan, Monie Ralph Captan, Francis M. Carbah, Carol Chea, Daniel L Chea, Sr., Gen. Austen Clarke, M. Moussa Cisse, Gerald Cooper, Muarice Cooper, Randolph Cooper, Raphael Dago Gnade, A. Tijani Darrah, Kaddieyatu Darrah, James Dennis, Wisseh Dennis, Charles DeShield, Gerard Desnoes, Gabrielle Doe, Montgomery Dolo, Alcmenia Summerville Dunbar, Belle Y. Dunbar, Jenkins Dunbar, J. Adolphus During, Ernest Eastman, Samuel Eid, Talal El Ndine, Khalid El Ndine, S. Loyola Fleming, Jr., Richard Flomo, Emmanuel Gardiner, Alphoso Gaye, Saa(h) Gbollie, Martin O. N. George, Myrtle Gibson, Samuel Mustapha Gibson, Omrie Golley, Reginald B. Goodridge (Sr.), Georges Elias Haddad, Victor Haikal, Romeo Horton, Sandra P. Howard, Tambakai A. A. Jangaba, Baba Jobe, Col. Jerbo (Jarbo), Lt. Gen. Macifierran Momo Jibba (Jebba), Koboi Johnson, Francis Kabah, Moha-mmed Kafel, Pasti Kadima, Phillip Kamah, Fafani B Kamara, Joseph Wong Kita, Kpenkpah Konah, Gus Kouen-hoven, Esther Kou-lay Weah Deputy Minister of Lands, Mines, and Energy, Kerkula B. Kpoto, Alexander Kulue, LEAMAN, Johnson Leaman, John Wesseh McClain, David McGill, Grace Minor, Leonid Minin (Blavstein, Blyu- Vshtein, Blya-Fshtein, Bluv-Shtein, Blyu-Fshtein, Kerler, Vladimir Abramovich, Popilo-Veski (Popela/Popelo), Vladimir Abramovich, Breslan, Wulf, Osols, Igor), Joe Mont-gomery, Lawrence Morgan, Joseph W. Mulbah, Paul Mulbah, Massa Mussah, Isaac Mussah, Aziz Nassour, Juanita Neal Robert F. Neal, Blamo Nelson, Samih Ossaily (Samir HUSSEINI), Y. Mewasah Paye-Bayee, Q. Somah Paygai, Cora Peabody, Maxwell Poe, Jonathan Refell, Victoria Refell, John T. Richardson, Charles B. Roberts (Jr.), Simon Rosenblum, Ruprah Sanjivan, NASR Samir, Emmett Russ, Mohamed Salami, Elias Saleeby, Lydia W.E. Sanimanie, Jenkins K.Z.B. Scott, Emmanuel Shaw (II), Abdallah Shehny, Nah-John Suah, Brig. Gen. John Tarnue),Charles "Chuckie" Taylor (Jr.), Charles Ghankay Taylor, Demetrius Robert Taylor, Emmett Taylor,Freddie Taylor, Jewell Howard Taylor, Jonathan Taylor, Tupee Enid Taylor, Agnes Reeves-Taylor, Timothy Thomas, Joachim Touah, Benoni Urey, John Vamoh, Eddington Varmah, Samuel Varney, Edwin Vaye, George Wallace, Amelia Ward, John Whitfield, Sylvanus Willaims, James Kpateh Wolo, Jenkins Wongbay, Roger B. Woodson, Benjamin Yeaten, John Yormie, and Augustine Zayzay. For detail version of the list, go to:

In accordance with resolution 1343 which was adopted on May 7, 2001, by the Security Council, the members of the Council agreed on the following key decision:

"7. (a) Decides also that all States shall take the necessary measures to prevent the entry into or transit through their territories of senior members of the Government of Liberia and its armed forces and their spouses and any other individuals providing financial and military support to armed rebel groups in countries neighbouring Liberia, in particular the RUF in Sierra Leone, as designated by the Committee established by paragraph 14 below, provided that nothing in this paragraph shall oblige a State to refuse entry into its territory to its own nationals, and provided that nothing in this paragraph shall impede the transit of representatives of the Government of Liberia to United Nations Headquarters to conduct United Nations business or the participation of the Government of Liberia in the official meetings of the Mano River Union, ECOWAS and the Organization of African Unity."

But exceptions to the travel ban are allowable based on humanitarian or religious grounds:

"7 (b) Decides that the measures imposed by subparagraph (a) above shall not apply where the Committee established by paragraph 14 below determines that such travel is justified on the grounds of humanitarian need, including religious obligation, or where the Committee concludes that exemption would otherwise promote Liberian compliance with the demands of the Council, or assist in the peaceful resolution of the conflict in the subregion."

Though the Security Council makes it clear that the list is not finite and will be subject to regular updates, the list - which is neither a "Schindler List" or "Blacklist" - has already begun to generate concern in several quarters among those who have followed the Liberian situation with watchful eyes. Many Liberian analysts view the list as not being exhaustive. They argue that it leaves wide open wiggle room or room for maneuver that would be exploited by the Taylor regime. For example, the layers of junior ministers such as deputy ministers, assistant ministers, directors, etc. are not covered by the banning order. These categories of ministers could be used in bursting the sanctions.

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