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Draft Resolution Vetoed by Russia


11 May, 1993

(Draft Resolution distributed 29 April 1993)

Security Council


SC/ 25693
29 April 1993


United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: Draft Resolution

The Security Council,

Recalling its resolution 186 (1964) and subsequent relevant resolutions,

Reaffirming that the extension of the mandate of the United Nations Peace?keeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) should be considered every six months,

Noting the recent communication from the Government of Cyprus to the Secretary-General (S/25647**),

Stressing the importance it attaches to the achievement of early progress towards a political settlement in Cyprus, and also to the implementation of confidence?building measures,

Reiterating in particular its call to both sides to cooperate with UNFICYP in order to extend the unmanning agreement of 1989 to all areas of the United Nations?controlled Buffer Zone where the two sides are in close proximity to each other,

Reaffirming that the present status quo is not acceptable, and concerned that the United Nations should not be entering into open-ended peace?keeping commitments,

1. Welcomes the report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Operation in Cyprus (S/25492);

2. Expresses its appreciation for past voluntary contributions to UNFICYP and for those that have recently been offered for the future;

3. Decides that, with effect from the next extension of UNFICYP's mandate on or before 15 June 1993 the costs of the Force should be treated as expenses of the Organization under Article 17 (2) of the Charter of the United Nations;

4. Decides also that UNFICYP should be restructured as a first step on the basis of the proposal in paragraphs 16?19 of the Secretary-General's report (S/25492), with the addition of a limited number of observers for reconnaissance and with a view to further restructuring in the light of the reassessment referred to in paragraph 5 below;

5. Decides to conduct a comprehensive reassessment of UNFICYP, to include the implications for the Force of progress on confidence-building measures and towards a political settlement, additional to the regular six monthly consideration of the extension of the Force's mandate provided for in its earlier relevant resolutions, at the latest one year after the adoption of this resolution;

6. Requests the Secretary-General to submit a report one month before that reassessment, to cover all aspects of the situation, including confidence?building measures, progress in political negotiations and possible progressive steps towards an observer force based on the proposal described in paragraph 12 of the Secretary-General's report (S/25492);

7. Invites the Secretary-General to take the necessary steps to implement this resolution.

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