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Continued Rebel Attacks Inspire New Policy


The Progress (Freetown)
March 20 - 23, 2000 While the Committee for Human Rights and Justice (CHRJ) challenges the amnesty granted by the Lome agreement in the wake of new atrocities, the government announced that rebels of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) may be integrated into the new army.

Rebels To Form Part of New Army

The Progress and the Concord Times (Freetown)
March 23, 2000

Freetown - Rebels who fought against the national army are to be integrated into the new army, a government statement made public yesterday revealed. It all came as a result of 4 hours of talks between senior army personnel and President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah in which vital issues relating to state security were discussed.

According to the government release, all military personnel will be reintegrated in to the army and rebels of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) and members of the civil militia who are interested in becoming part of the army will be accepted and will have undergone a screening process by a neutral body.

The government statement concludes that positions in the army will be arranged in due course. This latest stand by the government came a day after a batch of about 70 former military junta officers arrived from Liberia where they were seeking asylum following the downfall of the military regime.

No Amnesty for Rebels

The Progress (Freetown)
March 23, 2000

Freetown - Rebel Leaders and their fighters will be brought to face trial for war crimes committed even after the signing of last July's peace accord, a press statement released by the Committee for Human Rights and Justice, CHRJ states.

The statement which was released today, notes that even after the signing of the Lome accord last year, which calls for the halting of hostilities by all stakeholders in the conflict, rebels of Revolutionary United Front continue to attack, rape, molest and abducts civilians and aid agency personnel.

CHRJ states that the local amnesty granted to rebels in fact has no absolute bar and is not recognised internationally hence it can be repelled if deemed necessary. The human rights group calls on all stakeholders, especially rebels of the RUF, to abide by the peace accord. It also calls for the speedy disarmament of all warring factions in the country.

Rebels Storm Village 3 Kilometers to Capital

The Progress (Freetown)
March 22, 2000

Freetown - Rebels of the Revolutionary United Front, RUF stormed the village of Ogoon Farm sending villagers fleeing into the capital, an aid agency reports. Fleeing villagers said child rebels in and around Ogoon farm terrorise local villagers, throwing missiles and setting a few houses ablaze late Tuesday.

Villagers arriving in city outskirts like Goderich and Adonkia village said rebels have barricaded the main highway linking the capital to the fishing resorts of Hamilton and Sussex. It is not clear what may have prompted this action by the rebels.

The incident itself came on a day when the UN Under Secretary for Peacekeeping Operations Bernard Miyet rounded up a day three day visit to the country.

Rebels Still Kill, Rape and Abduct
in Spite of Peace Accord

The Progress (Freetown)
March 20, 2000

Freetown - Sierra Leone rebels of the Revolutionary United Front, RUF still kill, rape and abduct innocent civilians in spite of last year's July peace accord, outgoing British High Commissioner on Sierra Leone, Peter Penfold told reporters last week.

Penfold said RUF rebels continue to kill innocent civilians and abduct aid workers especially in the northern flank of the country. He made these statements during the commissioning of 16 vehicles donated by the British government to the Sierra Leone Police force last Thursday.

He told journalists that rebels of the RUF some 5 days ago abucted workers from the relief organisation Medicine Sans Frontier in the northern town of Kambia. A July peace accord signed between rebels of the RUF and the government called for the ceasation of hostilities and the attacks on civilians by the rebels. A local amnesty was also granted to the rebels for their atrocities committed before the signing of the accord and not after it.

Government Confirms Maskita
Trains Rebels in Liberia

By Sulaiman Momodu

Concord Times (Freetown)
March 20, 2000

Freetown - For the first time since he fled the RUF stronghold district of Kailahun, reports are emerging that self styled General Sam Mosquito Bockarie is recruiting rebels in Liberia.

Over the weekend, highly dependable sources told Concord Times on the line from Monrovia that Mosquito was not only training rebels to attack the RUF but to destabilise the country with the avowed aim of wrecking the peace process. The Deputy Defence Minister, Chief Sam Hinga Norman yesterday confirmed to Concord Times that they had received intelligence reports that Mosquito was recruiting fighters to restart war in Sierra Leone.

Our source in Monrovia said Sam Bockarie and a former AFRC strongman, Eddie Kanneh, are currently training about 1,500 fighters including Burkinabes, Liberians and Sierra Leonean dissidents at Gbatala base in Kakata. The training, which started last December, is expected to last for six months. Some of the fighters have already been given walkie-talkies and other communication sets. Sam Bockarie is said to be staying around EL WA in Sinkor from where he shuttles between Monrovia and Kakata.

Recently, the former AFRC leader now Chairman for the Commission for the Consolidation of Peace, Johnny Paul Koroma said that he had received similar reports. Johnny Paul expressed serious concerns over it. RUF top guns would not say anything about this. "That man is no longer with us, so we are not concern about him," RUF Spokesman Eldred Collins told Concord Times.

"The Liberian government may not accept this allegation. But it is true. We want the International Community to know and do something about it. And President Kabbah should treat this report very seriously" our source stressed. Hinga Norman pleaded with the International Community to investigate the reports and act on it because according to him, "this has the potential to distabilise the sub-region".

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