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RUF Rebels Jubilate Over Outcome of Abuja Talks

Concord Times
November 14, 2000

Even before the inks could dry on Friday 10th November , RUF Revolutionary United Front rebels in different parts of the country were celebrating over the outcome of the Abuja talks.

Reports from places like Tongo Fields and Kono indicate that the rebels were happy with the outcome of Abuja and displayed this by firing in the air.

Unamsil's United Nations Missions in Sierra Leone Lt Commander Patrick Coker said Sunday that rebels in Tongo opened firing as they celebrated over the Abuja talks. The talks have put into effect a 30-day unconditional cease-fire agreement.

This is apparently interpreted by the rebels to mean consolidating their hold and plundering for diamonds. During a trip to Tongo area few days ago, 'Concord Times' gathered that the rebels were determined to maintain places like Tongo and Kono.

Last week, fleeing civilians said that helicopter gunships had been paying visits to Tongo thus creating fear and tension among rebels.

The rebels feared that an all out offensive against them was in the making and accused Unamsil and pro-government forces of planning such an attack. The news of rebels celebrating over the Abuja talks means that their fears of an attack on their positions have been put to rest.

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