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Financing for Development


Aid Watch (Australia)

Aid Watch monitors the "development dollar" and campaigns to ensure that aid dollars benefit communities in low income countries and their environment. Main focus is the Asia-Pacific region, where they look at the activities of the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and the Australian bilateral aid program.

Finance & Development

A quarterly IMF online publication on topics regarding financing for development.

Financing for Development; Civil Society Engagement

A forum for global civil society to engage on financing for development issues.

Official UN website on Financing for Development

Documents the follow-up within the United Nations system to the agreements and commitments reached at the International Conference on Financing for Development, as contained in the Monterrey Consensus and the Doha Declaration.

Quaker United Nations Office

The Quakers follow a number of issues related to development and are involved in the UN conference process for the 2001 Summit. Especially noteworthy is this Briefing Paper and their 'FfD handbook'.

Transparency International

Transparency International is a non-governmental organization committed to eliminating corruption for the world. Here you may find invaluable TI documents highlighting the need for 'good governance' in fighting multi-leveled corruption.

The United Nations Development Fund for Women

UNIFEM has been working with economists and women's organizations worldwide to bring a gender perspective to the FfD process. On their FfD page you can find briefings, background papers, and information on UNIFEM-sponsored FfD events.

World Ecology, Economy and Development (WEED)

WEED is a German NGO that - among other things - covers the FfD issue. They also closely monitor the upcoming FfD Summit.



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