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World Wide Vigils on the UN Financial Crisis

General Information About the 1996 Vigil
Posts a list of vigils and contact persons, as well as a packet of information for organizers.

Original Call for the 1996 Vigil
Text of the call, issued by Global Policy Forum and World Federalist Movement, August 7, 1996.

VIGIL 1997
The October 1996 Vigil was a great success due to strong participation from the global community. We look forward to your support in 1997, so stay in touch for more information on VIGIL 1997.

United States

Citizens for Funding the United Nations (the $7.00 campaign)
A cooperative NGO effort started in early 1996 to pressure the US government to pay its UN dues. This initiative had grown to 25 cooperating organizations by March 1997.

The Whitehead Initiative ($4.40)
United Nations Association-USA Chairman John Whitehead sent a check to Secretary-General Boutros-Ghali in late October, 1995, symbolically paying his family's "share" of the US debt to the UN. When he made his letter public, many others followed his example. UNA has now joined in the CFUN $7.00 campaign above.

Table Showing US Citizens' Personal Payments to the UN
Hundreds of U.S. citizens have sent checks to the UN, inspired by Whitehead and by CFUN. This page posts the data which shows a rapidly-growing campaign.

NGO Activities & Other Citizen Initiatives in the United States
Many US-based NGOs have taken action on the financial crisis. This page posts information about some of these many grassroots initiatives by citizen groups in the US.

UNA Conference featuring Vice-President Gore
UNA-USA held a major Conference on May 21 in New York City featuring a speech by the Vice-President. This page posts information about the meeting.

Other Countries

Summary of Activities in Other Countries
This posts activities on UN finance in countries outside the United States, plus international work of US-based NGOs.

Nordic UN Movement Statement
Text of a statement on the UN financial crisis issued in March by the Nordic UN Movements.

WFUNA Statement
Text of a statement on the UN financial crisis issued in March by the World Federation of United Nations Associations.

World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women Statement
Text of a statement on the UN financial crisis passed at the World Congress in Rio,
2 August 1996.

Proposals and Activities in favor of "Alternative" Funding for the UN

Alternative Funding Proposals
Posts information about global taxes and fees for funding the UN, including a bibiliography and list of organizations.

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