"Funding for the United Nations"

Addressed to U.S. Senators, Members of the House of Representatives,
and President Clinton

From Becky Cain, President
July 16, 1996

On behalf of delegates to the League of Women Voters biennial convention, I am writing to let you know of our deep concern that the United States fulfill its financial obligations to the United Nations at a time when the UN is playing a particularly important role in responding to conflicts around the globe.

The UN is, and should continue to be, a key part of US foreign policy. The League believes that it is particularly important that the United States pay the $1.6 billion in arrears which is owed to the United Nations by the United States. As the leading contributor to the UN, the United States must set an example for other member nations to follow.

The League also believes that the US must meet the pledged level of FY '96 payments for our voluntary contributions to the UN agencies, including UNDP, UNIFEM and UNICEF. We believe that each of these programs serves an important purpose and would urge you not to reduce funding for these very crucial programs.

Finally, we would ask that the United States meet the pledged level of FY '96 payments for peacekeeping activities. In order for the UN to be effective in the increasingly complex and dangerous missions it is asked to undertake, financial obligations assumed by member nations must be met in a responsible and expeditious manner.

In this post cold war era, the United States should continue to work within the United Nations to further US foreign policy goals and to strengthen UN peacekeeping machinery. The UN continues to be the preeminent forum for international cooperation and for the resolution of potentially destabilizing regional conflicts. Your support will ensure that the UN can effectively address current and future challenges of vital concern to all of us.

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