Campaigns & Action Programs

(information updated through September) Global Policy Forum is collecting information on all campaigns and NGO activities on the UN financial crisis. If you have details, please send them to us by using the mailer at the bottom of the page.

International Initiatives

In January, the International Women's Tribune Center sent a message to recipients of its Global Faxnet informing them of the crisis and the "Call for Action" initiative.

In April, Franciscans International sent out its newsletter with a front-page story on the financial crisis and the citizen initiatives to overcome it.

In mid-July, Global Policy Forum Director James Paul and World Federalist Movement Director William Pace issue a joint "Call" for a worldwide vigil on the UN financial crisis.

On August 26th, the 50th Anniversary World Congress of WFUNA (the World Federation of United Nations Associations), meeting in Luxemburg, passes a strongly-worded resolution on UN finance and endorses the call for a vigil on October 23rd [Text]. WFUNA Secretary-General, a.i., Erskine Childers, who had died suddenly earlier at the Congress, had circulated an extensive statement on the UN financial crisis and strongly called on delegates to support the vigil.

On September 3rd, the annual international Council Meeting of the World Federalist Movement, meeting in Ventotene, Italy, unanimously endorses the vigil on October 23rd.

On September 10-12, the UN Department of Public Information and the NGO-DPI Executive Committee hold their annual Forum at UN Headquarters. One plenary session and several special workshops address the financial crisis.


In February, Robert Harris, the Chair of CONGO, the Committee of Non-Governmental Organizations, circulated a statement of concern to the CONGO leadership. Harris soon thereafter published an "op-ed" piece in a leading newspaper.

In March, the International Peace Bureau published an article about the campaign in its newsletter IPB News. The article particularly called on US citizens to contact members of Congress and the President.

In March, the Board of the World Federation of United Nations Associations approved a resolution on the financial crisis.


In early March, the German United Nations Association sent out the "Call for Action" to all its members and to all subscribers to its magazine. The statement was circulated in English with a German introduction by the Association's Secretary-General calling on members and friends to support the "Call" by signing and by taking action.

Nordic Countries

In mid-March, the Danish United Nations Association published a joint statement with other Nordic UNAs. This statement is being circulated to leaders, parliamentarians and citizens of the Nordic countries and should elicit a very large number of signatures.


In February, the Italian Young Federalists translated the "Call" into Italian and published it in their journal, which was mailed to about 5,000 members and subscribers.

The Central Committee of the European Federalist Movement, at a meeting in Rome on March 10th, unanimously approved a resolution on the UN financial crisis to be sent to Italian political leaders and, particularly, to the Italian government, which now functions as the Presidency of the European Union.


In June the World Federalists of Canada publish a Briefing Paper on the UN Financial Crisis, which includes a copy of the International "Call for Action" Statement.


In March, a meeting organized in London to consider UN reform and the UN financial crisis.

May 10: At the initiative of UNA-UK, a debate is held in the British House of Commons on the UN, during which the financial crisis is discussed at length. Mr. Cyril Townsend, Member of Bexleyheath, questions the Government, citing Global Policy Forum as his source. A subsequent debate is held in the House of Lords on May 16.

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