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Human Rights in Palestine and the Role of the 66th General Assembly: A Briefing by Raji Sourani

GPF, the NGO Working Group on Israel and Palestine, and US Federation for Middle East Peace co-sponsored this event featuring Raji Sourani, Founder of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights in Gaza and Vice President of the International Federation for Human Rights. As the UN Security Council debates the Palestinian Authority’s bid for recognition of a Palestinian state, Sourani highlights issues of basic fundamental human rights, the international rule of law, and standards of accountability. He also deconstructs the normalization of the Israeli occupation. An award winning human rights lawyer, Sourani was denied entrance to the US for the last 11 years due to his alleged association with terrorists. His trip and this event were possible only after former US President Carter, among others, advocated on his behalf.

To view video footage of Raji Sourani's briefing, click here.

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