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Lawmakers Seek to Ease Trade Sanctions (May 12, 1999)

Last month, Clinton administration eased sanctions on the sale of food and medical items to Iran, Libya, and Sudan. The decision was praised by lawmakers in both parties.

U.S. Backs Off Sanctions, Seeing Poor Effect Abroad

New York Times article on the changing American attitude towards sanctions. Written by Eric Schmitt.

Economic Sanctions and Ethics

Article published by the Santa Clara Observer. Written by Andrew Kotowski.


Coalition of American businesses, agriculture groups, and trade associations that oppose unilateral economic sanctions. With frequently updated links to many reports, studies and articles on sanctions.

Economic Sanctions Reconsidered: Executive Summary

Summary of the book entitled "Economic Sanctions Reconsidered: History and Current Policy." Written by Gary Hufbauer, Jeffrey Schott, and Kimberly Ann Elliott (1990). Includes the "Nine Lessons of Economic Sanctions."

Sanctioning Madness

Article from the November/December issue of Foreign Affairs. Written by Richard Haas.

A User's Guide to Economic Sanctions

Written by Robert P. O'Quinn of the Heritage Foundation (June 1997).

A Catalog of New US Unilateral Economic Sanctions For Foreign Policy Purposes 1993-96

Report by the National Association of Manufacturers (March 1997).



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