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Thai-Cambodian Troops ‘Must Leave Preah Vihear Temple’

The International Court of Justice ruled that both Thailand and Cambodia must withdraw troops from the disputed Preah Vihear temple area. While the ICJ, in 1962, awarded ownership of the Vihear temple to Cambodia, Thailand and Cambodia have been fighting over the ownership of the surrounding area. In order to end this conflict, it is important that both countries establish a demilitarized zone around the temple and engage in reconciliation talks.

To view a copy of the ICJ decision, please click here.

BBC News
July 18, 2011

The UN's highest court has ordered Thailand and Cambodia to withdraw troops from a disputed border region near an ancient temple complex.

Cambodia had asked the International Court of Justice for a ruling after fighting broke out around the Preah Vihear temple earlier this year.

The temple is in Cambodia. Both nations claim some of the surrounding area.

The judgement is part of a long-running case in which the ICJ is attempting to clarify earlier border rulings.

The BBC's Rachel Harvey in Bangkok says Monday's ruling is just the first round in what promises to be a lengthy and complex judicial process.

Cambodia brought the case asking for a clarification on an ICJ decision from 1962 that awarded it the temple, but left other issues vague.

Thailand wants the case dropped, but has said it will respect the court's ruling.

The ICJ rejected Thailand's attempts to have the case thrown out.


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