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Photo Gallery of the UN Security Council


The Ambassador Relaxes

Ambassador Peter van Walsum of the Netherlands takes a break from his duties. The Netherlands was an elected member of the Security Council in 1999 and 2000

Picture Credit: The Permanent Mission of
the Netherlands to the United Nations
Glory of the UN Security Council

Picture Credit: United Nations
During the French Presidency in June 2000


Ambassador Greenstock of the UK and Ambassador Holbrooke of the US have a brief exchange in a Security Council session in June, 2000.

Picture Credit: United Nations

Security Council Goes to a Baseball Game

On June 17, 1997, members of the UN Security Council attended a baseball game in New York as guests of United States delegate Bill Richardson. Richardson called it a "gesture of goodwill." Instead of the usual diplomatic lunch or reception, he took his fellow ambassadors to Yankee Stadium to watch a contest between the two hometown teams -- the Mets and the Yankees.

In the photo, published in the June 18th edition of the New York Times, a number of the diplomats can be identified. At the bottom, wearing Yankee hats, are (right) Ambassador Njuguna Mahugu of Kenya and (left) Ambassador Hisashi Owada of Japan. To the left of Owada, wearing a Mets hat, is Ambassador Park Soo Gil of the Republic of Korea. Sitting behind Park is Ambassador Qin Huasun of China. To the right of Qin, with hand raised, is Ambassador Bill Richardson of the United States and next to him, drink in hand, is Ambassador Sergey Lavrov of the Russian Federation. Behind Lavrov, with the white beard, is Ambassador Juan Somavia of Chile.

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