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Russia Ready to Compromise with Moldova on Transnistrian Conflict (March 29, 2011)

A Russian official has indicated that the breakaway region of Transnistria will be recognized by the Russian Federation. After decades of discussion with Moldova, Moscow has agreed to grant Transnistria special status of an autonomous territory. Although a state of war technically still exists between Moldova and Transistria's de facto government, negotiations have been progressing since 1993 to address the conflict (Deutsche Presse Agentur)

Moldavian Ambassador Addresses the UN  (September 29, 2009)

In his address to the UN General Assembly,  Moldovian Ambassador Mr. Alexandru Cujba discussed the Transdniestrian conflict. He called for the US and the EU to take a more active role in the dispute.  Mr. Cujba argued that the solution to the conflict lies in democratization and demilitarization and he asked for a multinational force with a mandate to replace the peacekeeping troops currently in the region. (United Nations)

Transdniestria and Moldova: unloved, unresolved (April 8 , 2009)

Transdniestria,  a breakaway region in Moldova, has several of the attributes of statehood including its own currency, government and  police force. But to date no state has recognized Transdienstria's independence. Russia has considerable influence in the region, issuing Russian passports and stationing  "peacekeeping" troops there. Despite this,  Russia remains rather lukewarm in its support for Transdniestria's independence. (openDemocracy)