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NGO Working Group on the Security Council


The Working Group brings together about thirty major NGOs for a series of meetings with Council ambassadors.
Since the Council's decisions affect nearly all NGO constituencies - including human rights, humanitarian relief, disarmament, governance,  and the concerns of women and children - the Working Group has a diverse membership. Beginning in 1997, the Working Group has met regularly with delegations.
Recently, it has held 40-45 meetings annually, mostly with ambassadors, but also including senior UN officials.

The working group had been convened by GPF until 2013. This website on the working group is no longer updated. For more information, please visit

Secretariat Information

Joanna Weschler, Security Council Report, Co-Chair
Gerald Martone, Intrnational Rescue Committee, Co-Chair

Jelena Pia-Comella, Coalition for the International Criminal Court, Secretary


           This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

          (646) 465-8512

Information Statement

Statement setting out the purposes and activities of the Working Group.

A Short History of the NGO Working Group

List of Members

A membership list.

Officers and Steering Group Members

A list of Officers and Steering Group members since 1995.

Summary Data on Meetings

Tables showing overall meeting calendars, meetings with delegations, etc.

Past Meetings

List of past meetings of the NGO Working Group since 1994.



April 1995 inaugural meeting of the Working Group
At head of table (left to right) : William Pace, Anne Walker,
James Paul, Ambassador Razali Ismail, Ambassador Colin Keating




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