Global Policy Forum

Former Members of the NGO Working Group


(As of January 2013)


Bella Abzug, Women's Environment & Development Organization

Mia Adjali, United Methodist Church

Gören Bogarde, Save the Children

Lawrence Bropleh, World Council of Churches

Jennifer Butler, Presbyterian UN Office

Robert Collard, Quaker UN Office

Vance Culbert, Norwegian Refugee Aid

Merav Datan, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War

Peter Davies, Oxfam & Saferworld

Nicole Deller, World Federalist Movement

Catherine Dumait-Harper, Médecins sans Frontières

Christopher Ferguson, CCIA/World Council of Churches

Catherine Fitzpatrick Physicians for Human Rights

Jonathan Granoff, Global Security Institute

Stefanie Grant, Lawyers' Committee for Human Rights

Molly Graver, Mennonite Central Committee

Joel Hanisek, Presbyterian UN Office

Marieange Harvey, Norwegian Refugee Council

Peggy Hicks, Human Rights Watch

Felicity Hill, Women's International League for Peace & Freedom

David Jackman, Quaker UN Office

Vanessa Jackson, International Service for Human Rights

Andrew Johnson, Save the Children

Ruth Kahurananga, World Vision

Tanya Karanasios, CICC

Golzar Kheiltash, CIVIC

Pamela Kraft, Tribal Link Foundation

Ann Lakhdir, NGO Committee on Disarmament

Gail Lerner, World Council of Churches

Kirsten Hagon, Oxfam International

Jessica Huber, Quaker UN Office

Tanya Karanasios, Coalition for the International Criminal Court

Ann Lally, International Service for Human Rights

Jeffrey Laurenti, UNA-USA

Iain Levine, Amnesty International

Rainer Lingscheid, World Council of Churches

Elias Mallon, Franciscans

David Malone, International Peace Academy

Steven Marks, International Service for Human Rights

Mark Marge, IANSA

Florence Martin, Amnesty International

Mary Ann McGovern, Women's International League for Peace & Freedom

Patricia Mische, Global Education Associates

Tracy Moavero, Peace Action

Vernon Nichols, NGO Committee on Disarmament

William Pace, World Federalist Movement

Jack Patterson, Quaker UN Office

Scott Paul, CIVIC

Michele Poliacof, International Action Network on Small Arms

Greg Puley, Oxfam

Nicola Reindorp, Oxfam International

John Rempel, Mennonite Central Committee

Monica Serrano, Global Center on the Responsibility to Protect

Matthew Scott, World Vision

Dan Seymour, Save the Children

Robert Smylie, Presbyterian UN Office

Susi Snyder, Women's International League for Peace & Freedom

Jill Sternberg, Women's International League for Peace & Freedom

Yvonne Terlingen, Amnesty International

Claire Tixiere, FIDH

Necla Tschergi, International Peace Academy

Sandra Tully, Care International

Rhianna Tyson, Global Security Institute

Rajyashri Waghray, Church World Service

Ann Walker, International Women's Tribune Center

Alyn Ware, Lawyers' Committee on Nuclear Policy

Lucy Webster, Economists Allied for Arms Reduction/Economists for Peace & Security

Cora Weiss, Hague Appeal for Peace

Nicole Widdersheim, Oxfam

June Zeitlin, Women's Environment & Development Organization



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