Introduction to NGOs


This section gives an introduction to the world of NGOs stressing their growing importance in the international arena. Global Policy Forum also addresses the definitions of NGOs and commonly associated terms, and provides very interesting analyses on the role of NGOs.

GPF Perspectives on NGOs

This section contains all GPF work on NGOs.

Defining NGOs

This section looks at how different definitions of "NGOs," "Civil Society" and similar concepts can have different political implications.

General Analysis of the Role of NGOs

This page posts information analyzing the role of NGOs in general.

Credibility and Legitimacy of NGOs

Are NGOs the "conscience of humanity" as UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has said, or are they unrepresentative and meddling elites as some critics like to argue?

Funding for NGOs

NGOs finance their work through a variety of sources including membership dues, foundation and government grants, sales of services and business activities like credit cards, cruises and tee-shirt sales. How do funding sources influence NGO policy choices and public credibility?