Role of NGOs in the International Arena


(This page is currently under construction- November 2011)

General Analysis on the Role of NGOs

This section analyzes the role of NGOs in general and covers the increasing importance of the NGO community in the international arena.

NGOs in the Field

This section looks at the challenges that NGOs face "in the field", providing humanitarian relief and development assistance in countries around the world.

NGOs and States

The relationship between NGOs and states is linked to new issues in international law. Do NGOs threaten state sovereignty, or on the contrary are NGOs too weak and subordinate to more powerful forces in the international system?

NGOs and Business

This section looks at the variety of relationshisp between NGOs and businesses.

NGOs and Regional/International Institutions

This section looks at the relationship between NGOs and International Institutions, such as the World Bank, IMF, etc.