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Declaration on Security Council Reform by the Foreign Ministers of the Non-Aligned Movement


New Delhi
April 8 1997

The Foreign Minister of the Non-Aligned Movement, meeting in New Delhi on April 7-8, 1997, addressed the question of reform of the United Nations with particular attention to expansion of the Security Council. While reiterating the basic position on the Movement, as reflected in the Final Document and in keeping with the essential need for democratization of the United Nations, they emphasized the following:

  • There shall be no partial or selective expansion or enlargement of the membership of the Security Council, to the detriment of developing countries.

  • Efforts at restructuring the Security Council shall not be subject to any imposed time-frame. While recognizing the importance of treating this issue as a matter of urgent attention, no effort should be made to decide this issue before general agreement is reached.

  • The Ministers decided to remain seized of the issue and its development which they will review at their next annual meeting on the occasion of the 52nd session of the UNGA.

  • The use of the veto should be curtailed and a view to its eventual elimination.

  • The improvement of the working methods of the Security Council should be given equal importance.

At this decisive juncture in the evolution of the United Nations, the Ministers urged the leaders of the developed world to seize the opportunity of working together with developing countries to bring about necessary reforms in the Untied Nations on an equitable and democratic basis. The Ministers stressed that, at this historic moment, the international community has a joint responsibility to collectively reshape this unique world body to meet the aspirations of all humanity.


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