02.05.2016 | UNRISD

200+ Friends of UNRISD call on Ban Ki-moon to support the Institute

In the past two days, more than 200 academics, policy and decision makers, practitioners and advocates signed on to a letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, asking for his urgent political backing to efforts now under way to mobilize UN and other sources of funding for UNRISD.

What's this all about?

UNRISD does not receive funding from the regular budget of the United Nations. We depend on foundations, bilateral and multilateral donors and individuals for the support that enables us to carry out Research for Social Change. But UNRISD has been hit hard by shifting funding models over the past decade. Our reserves have been exhausted over the past few years and funding levels are now at crisis point.

What is being done?

UNRISD Director Paul Ladd has been working actively with partners and with senior leadership throughout the United Nations to secure the level of institutional support that will allow UNRISD to leverage additional project financing. He has also launched urgent appeals for funding from donors and individuals, and is working tirelessly to see that they receive serious attention.

What you can do

You can show your support by adding your signature today.

UNRISD is grateful to Gabriele Koehler for initiating the letter, collecting its first 200+ signatures, and sending it to the Secretary-General. Many thanks as well to all the signatories, and to NetworkIDEAS and Recovery with a Human Face for promoting it to their networks.