No.6 | 2024

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SOTF, UNSC, Human Rights, Debt, C5, UN Funding, QCPR, RC System, EMRTD, INFF


No.5 | 2024

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No.4 | 2024

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DFG, GDC, SOTF, UN Liquidity Crisis

No.3 | 2024

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SOTF, PFTF, UNSG, GDC, DFG, Nairobi Civil Society Conference

The 4th International Conference on Financing for Development and its main challenges

In December 2023, the United Nations General Assembly finally gave the mandate to convene the 4th International Conference on Financing for Development (FfD4). In a challenging economic and geopolitical environment, high expectations are placed on the conference. On the one hand, ways and means are to be found to mobilize additional funds in order to at least significantly reduce the enormous financing gaps in development and climate action. On the other hand, FfD4 is also intended to be a milestone [...]

No.2 | 2024

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No.1 | 2024

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UNSG, UNSC, SIDS4, LLDC3, CSocD, SOTF, UN Statistical Commission, UN Funding

GPW Fact Sheet #5

Member States have started negotiations on the Summit of the Future (SotF) outcome document: the Pact for the Future. The process kicked off on 29 January 2024 with the co-facilitators’ presentation of the Zero Draft of the Pact and Member States’ reactions to the Zero Draft.

This Global Policy Watch Factsheet #5 on the Zero Draft of the Pact for the Future walks through a summary of the co-facilitators’ presentation on how they approached the Zero Draft, Member State reactions [...]

GPW Round Up #8

Two high-level conferences for countries in special situations are scheduled for 2024 and Preparatory Committees have begun their discussions at the UNHQ.

This Round Up focuses on central themes explored by the UNGA78 Second Committee (Economic and Financial)’s session on Groups of Countries in Special Situations, including debt distress and vulnerability, concessional funding and climate financing.

Deliberations addressed the follow-up to LDC5 and the lead-up to the 2024 conferences, SIDS4 and LLDC3.

GPW Fact Sheet #4

The Third UN Conference on Landlocked Developing Countries (LLDC3) will be held on 18-21 June 2024 in Kigali, Rwanda at the highest possible level, including Heads of State and Government.

The main agenda for LLDC3 is to finalize and adopt the new development agenda for the landlocked developing countries for the next decade, the successor to the Vienna Programme of Action in 2024.

This Global Policy Watch briefing explores the pertinent issues and trajectory of the process, with the different [...]