Private foundations and the WHO Pandemic Treaty: Negotiations gated in philanthrocapitalism?

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Policy dialogue
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It is difficult to estimate the influence of the often unaccountable private foundations (among others Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) in terms of their capacity to impact the strategic policy orientations in the global development agenda, and particularly in health, environment, agriculture, among other key areas related to human and nature rights, with hardly any oversight.

The panel interventions followed by Q & A from the audience, intends to provide a policy dialogue opportunity with an array of experts and civil society actors, to reflect about the role that private foundations or philanthrocapitalism have played during COVID-19 and are currently playing in the WHO pandemic treaty negotiations. This discussion alludes of course to the urgent need for adoption of strong safeguard measures aimed at ensuring the Member State-driven nature of this delicate diplomatic process, while granting its protection from the undue influence of the private sector, in all its variants.


Programme with speakers and tentative topics

  • Lennart Pfahler, WELT journalist
    The role that Gates Foundation has played on the global management of the pandemic
  • Tim Schwab, investigative journalist and author of “The Bill Gates Problem”
    The Gates Foundation’s influence over the news media and public policy
  • Americo B. Zampetti, Minister Counsellor – Global Health and SPS issues, Delegation of the European Union to the United Nations
    A new agreement on Pandemic PPR: what role for stakeholders?
  • Blanca Llorente, Fundación Anáas Colombia
    The role of private foundations and their attempt to undermine the WHO FCTC. The case of the Smoke Free World Foundation
  • Nicoletta Dentico, Society for International Development (SID)
    Philanthrocapitalism and the WHO Pandemic Treaty negotiations.

Inputs followed by questions/answers.
Session co-moderated by Karolin Seitz, Global Policy Forum and Daniel Dorado, Corporate Accountability

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  • Policy debate organized by: Corporate Accountability together with Society for International Development (SID), Global Policy Forum (GPF), International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care (IAHPC), Public Services International (PSI), AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) Europe and 
  • Languages: English, French, Spanish
    Interpretation kindly sponsored by Rosa Luxemburg Foundation
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