Moving Beyond Current Debt and Development Crisis - Solution for Genuine Debt Sustainability

CSPF 2024 Session Debt
CSPF 2024 Session Debt
Session at 2024 Civil Society Policy Forum
IMF Headquarters, Washington, D.C. // ZOOM

>> Join this session at the Civil Society Policy Forum (CSPF) during the 2024 Spring Meetings of IMF & World Bank in Washington D.C. <<

Location: IMF HQ2-03B-768B 

Join via ZOOM

The debt crisis is no longer a risk but a reality in many countries. It is therefore key to restore debt sustainability in a way that it ensures governments capacity to guarantee human rights, gender equality and climate action while also looking at the crisis from a structural perspective. The panel will explore how to effectively solve this debt crisis considering it is as well a development crisis.

• Moderator: Iolanda Fresnillo, Policy and Advocacy Manager, Eurodad 

• Panelist 1: Samantha Kanoyangwa, Coordinator, AfSDJN 

• Panelist 2: Jason Rosario Braganza, Executive Director, AFRODAD 

• Panelist 3: Marina Zucker-Marques, Senior Academic Researcher, DRGR 

• Panelist 4: Mark Flanagan, Deputy Director, Strategy Policy and Review Department, IMF 

Interpretation: French and Spanish 

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