New impetus for Agenda 2030

Why a fourth International Conference on Financing for Development is overdue

As Agenda 2030 passes its mid-way point, ambitious reforms will be required during its second phase if the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are still to be achieved. A lack of financial resources is one of the main reasons why their implementation has fallen so far behind. The UN’s latest Financing for Sustainable Development Report has identified the “financial divide”, i.e. the lack of access to funds at favourable interest rates for countries of the Global South, as a key problem. It means that affluent countries have recovered comparatively quickly from the shock of the coronavirus crisis and are able to invest in sustainable development, whereas many low-income countries are now trailing even further behind.

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By Bodo Ellmers

Published by: Development and Peace Foundation (sef:)

Bonn, September 2022