Spotlight on Global Multilateralism

Perspectives on the future of international cooperation in times of multiple crises

This new report Spotlight on Global Multilateralism offers critical analyses and presents recommendations for strengthening democratic multilateral structures and policies. Its contributors cover key areas such as peace and common security, reforms of the global financial architecture, calls for a New Social Contract, an inclusive digital future, the rights of future generations and the transformation of education systems. The report also identifies built-in deficiencies and weaknesses of current multilateral structures and approaches. This applies, inter alia, to concepts of corporate-influenced multistakeholderism, for instance in the area of digital cooperation. And while not yet adequately recognized in the global multilateral system, the report also explores the increasingly active role of cities, regions and their international associations on the frontline of interconnected crises.

Seventy-five years after the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a key challenge is to create mechanisms to ensure that human rights - as well as the rights of future generations and the emerging rights of nature - are no longer subordinated to the vested interests of powerful economic elites in multilateral decision-making. Contributors to this report are convinced that fundamental and systemic changes in policies, governance and mindsets are necessary in order to rebuild trust and to foster multilateral cooperation based on solidarity and international law – and thereby to forcefully confront the world’s multiple crises.

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Published by: Global Policy Forum Europe

With support of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Geneva

Authors: Edgardo Bilsky, Aldo Caliari, Nandini Chami, Daria Cibrario, Bodo Ellmers, Tobias Gerhartsreiter, Anita Gurumurthy, Hajo Lanz, Sandra Liebenberg, Björn Lindh, Jens Martens, Giulia Massobrio, Patricia Miranda, Chenai Mukumba, Paola Simonetti, Ana María Suárez Franco, Anna Sundström, Antonia Wulff

Bonn/Geneva, May 2023

ISBN: 978-3-943126-57-0

87 pages