UN Monitor: COVID-19 Round-Up on Development Activities and Financing

Across the UN development system, Member States, the UN Secretariat and UN leadership are exploring the profound socio-economic impacts of COVID-19 and what macroeconomic policy changes are needed to “build back better”. From UN-led programme activity responses to COVID-19 to needed policy responses both by the Financing for Development process and Member State-led initiatives, there are several opportunities to monitor these developments in the coming weeks.

On 27 May, leadership of UN agencies headlines the final session of the Economic and Social Council on the Operational Activities for Sustainable Development (OAS). Panelists include Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed, UNDP Administrator, Executive Directors of UNICEF, UN Women and UNEP, ILO Director-General and WHO Deputy Director-General. This session will address issues and questions raised during the previous sessions of the segment held from 19-22 May, sessions which took stock of the implementation and progress of reforms to make the UN development system (UNDS) “fit for purpose”.