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Private Sector Accountability in times of Crisis

WB Spring Meetings 2021
WB Spring Meetings 2021

Arab NGO Network for Development and Global Policy Forum - Session

IFIs have been promoting the role of the private sector in job creation and sustainable development, through limiting the role of the public sector, incentivizing PPPs and promoting the creation of an enabling environment for businesses and investments. Meanwhile, civil Society has been advocating for holding the private sector, as a development actor, accountable for human rights. Additionally, the current health crisis revealed more challenges related to the role and the priorities of the private sector especially in the [...]

World in Progress: Five Years of SDGs - little progress so far

"Deutsche Welle"-Interview with Jens Martens (GPF)

In September 2015, all countries decided to reach 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) by 2030. Five years into the agenda, there's little to celebrate and lots to do. Real political commitment to transformation is still lacking, while many push for change around the globe, says economist Jens Martens (GPF).

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Shifting policies for systemic change

Lessons from the global COVID-19 crisis

This is the fifth edition of the report Spotlight on Sustainable Development. Since 2016, we have published this report annually to assess not only the implementation of the 2030 Agenda but also the structural obstacles in its realization.

When we started to plan for this year’s report in Autumn 2019, mass protests were shaking a growing number of countries in various regions of the world. In Ecuador, Brazil, Chile and Argentina, in Egypt, Lebanon, and in India, millions of people took to the streets to demonstrate against the prevailing policies.


Important step for the human rights and ecological orientation of the global economy

Berlin, September 2020

In June 2014, the Human Rights Council of the United Nations (UNHRC) mandated an intergovernmental working group (Resolution 26/9) to develop an interna-tional instrument to regulate the activities of transnational and other corporations. The aim of the process is to close the legal gaps in the protection of human rights in the global economy that have emerged in the course of globali-zation. So far, in five rounds of negotiations, governments, legal experts and representatives of civil society and busi-ness have debated the legal content of the treaty. Based on these [...]


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Wirtschaft und Menschenrechte: Rechtsexpert*innen legen Anforderungen an Lieferkettengesetz vor

Pressemitteilung vom 12.02.2020 | Ein Lieferkettengesetz in Deutschland ist machbar – für Unternehmen genauso wie für den Gesetzgeber. Das zeigt ein Rechtsgutachten der Initiative Lieferkettengesetz, erstellt von Rechtsexpert*innen des Bündnisses mit Unterstützung durch Rechtsanwalt Robert Grabosch. Unternehmen in Deutschland sollen mit einem solchen Gesetz dazu verpflichtet werden, Mensch und Umwelt bei ihren globalen Geschäften besser zu schützen.