Fit for whose purpose?

Private funding and corporate influence in the United Nations

"Follow the money” is the recipe for good investigative journalism and Fit for Whose Purpose does precisely that for the institution created to defend global public goods. Digging into the numbers behind the funding of the United Nations, Adams and Martens uncover a trail that leads to corporate interests having a disproportionate say over the bodies that write global rules. This book shows how Big Tobacco, Big Soda, Big Pharma and Big Alcohol end up prevailing and how corporate philanthropy and private-public-partnerships twist the international agenda without governments overseeing, but it also clearly spells out some practical ways to prevent it and rescue a citizens-based multilateralism.
                                     Roberto Bissio, Coordinator of Social Watch

This is a thoroughly researched study that brings together the authors’ long personal and professional involvement in the United Nations with their insightful analysis and strong recommendations. It is timely indeed as our global challenges urgently needs a United Nations that is faithful to multilateralism and the values enshrined in its founding Charter. The authors make an irrefutable case that “We the peoples” and the responsibilities of governments cannot be replaced by a corporate agenda governed by corporate interests. It rings the alarm for governments and civil society to regain ownership of the UN.
                                     Chee Yoke Ling, Director of Programmes, Third World Network

By Barbara Adams and Jens Martens

Published by: Global Policy Forum

Bonn/ New York, September 2015

ISBN 978-3-943126-20-4