Private Sector Accountability in times of Crisis

CSO-Forum event on occasion of the WB/IMF-Spring Meetings
WB Spring Meetings 2021
WB Spring Meetings 2021
Virtual event
GMT-4 (Washington, D.C.)
Hosts: ANND and GPF

Arab NGO Network for Development and Global Policy Forum - Session

IFIs have been promoting the role of the private sector in job creation and sustainable development, through limiting the role of the public sector, incentivizing PPPs and promoting the creation of an enabling environment for businesses and investments. Meanwhile, civil Society has been advocating for holding the private sector, as a development actor, accountable for human rights. Additionally, the current health crisis revealed more challenges related to the role and the priorities of the private sector especially in the health and education sectors. This provides an opportunity to rethink the role of the different actors, basically the state and the private sector and how to hold them accountable. This session will seek to assess the role of the private sector in time of crisis, looking at the kind of incentives provided with an aim to contribute to more in-depth thinking on the private sector accountability framework, and the interventions at multiple levels, including by IFIs, of policy and regulatory processes.

•Moderator: Ziad Abdul Samad, Executive Director, ANND

•Panelist 1: Barbara Adams, Board Director, GPF

•Panelist 2: Kinda Mohamadieh, Legal Advisor and Senior Researcher, Third World Network

•Panelist 3: Wael Gamal, Economic Journalist, ANND

•Panelist 4: Sufyan M. Issa, MENA Regional Head Operations, International Finance Cooperation


Watch the video of the session in English and Arabic.


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