19.03.2014 | WOMEN'S MAJOR GROUP

Women respond to UN SDG proposal

At the ninth session of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals the Women's Major Group presented their response on the 19 focus areas document.

In its response the WMG expresses its satisfaction due to the integrated approach, recognising the inter-linkages between the focus areas. It appreciates the stand-alone focus on gender equality and women's empowerment, as well as the dealing with inequalities, multidimensional character of poverty or the universal access to education. It recommends that the focus areas are complemented by a strong narrative that clearly articulates the need to redistribute wealth, power and resources; where human rights are enjoyed and where all humans can prosper and live dignified lives.

However, it regrets that women's rights are not mentioned in the document, although equality and empowerment cannot be furthered "without firm commitment to and fulfillment of women's human rights". In addition the reponse underlines the WMG's disappointment amongst others in regard to the languages used within the document and the lack of key concepts like the recognition of sexual and reproductive rights or the interlinkages between gender equality and women's right with e.g. climate change, ecosystems and oceans.