Philanthrocapitalism in global health and nutrition: analysis and implications

Discussion Paper

By Nicoletta Dentico and Karolin Seitz

Over the last two decades, the philanthropic sector has grown in terms of the number of foundations, the size of their annual giving, and the scope of their activities. Spending concentrates on certain selected areas, especially health, education, and nutrition. Civil society organizations, scientists, and the media have finally started to devote more attention and research to the growing influence of philanthropic foundations in global development, in particular with regard to the influential members of philanthrocapitalism. Through their grant-making, personal networking and active advocacy, large global foundations play an overwhelmingly active role in shaping the global development agenda and in setting the funding priorities for international institutions and national governments alike. A new discussion paper by Nicoletta Dentico and Karolin Seitz presents major areas of concern in particular with regard to the arena of global health and nutrition and formulates recommendations to political decision-makers.

Published by: Bischöfliches Hilfswerk MISEREOR/Brot für die Welt/Health Innovation in Practice/Global Policy Forum/medico international

Aachen/Bonn/Berlin/Geneva/Frankfurt a.M., October 2018